Day 2 & 3 – Of farms and happiness

Day 2 – km 629: Volker is happy. I think I could stay here forever. I am standing next to an old red barn, there’s a voluptuous amount & diversity of vegetables growing right next to me, pigs & goats are oinking & baaing behind me. There’s children running around me, playing with mud & water, screaming of joy, laughing & giggling. A cat walks over me, leaving tiny marks on my white metal with her dirty paws. A black dog lies curled up on the warm ground in front of me, guarding me from any danger. A light warm breeze comes down the rolling wooded hills into the valley, a slightly cooler one reaches me from the big deep pond a couple of hundred meters away from me. There’s no noise except for the whizz of the swallows flying in and out of the barn, passerine birds singing their varied songs, flies buzzing, quiet chitter-chatter of the humans playing & working along in the vegetable garden.

I am feeling slightly out-of-place in this most basic & idyllic of images of a human society. A farm with livestock & children, with fertile soils, water & growing plants. There’s not really a place or a need for me here. But I am still happy standing here, being part of it & observing the things going on around me. This is the closest to a society without technology I can probably get. And I must say it feels pretty good.