Material misunderstandings

To be honest, the sentence that “a man is what he drives” is not really true. As much as I would wish it was – as it would give us cars quite some importance – you humans are so much more than that. But, sadly enough, this phrase is true for us cars – we are who drives us. And even more sadly – you guys don’t realize this fact, or the huge responsibility associated with it. We material things are made by you, we work for you and because of you, and so we are what we are due, for and through you. And this is a damn big responsibility that you have there!

Think about it. We cars, for example, don’t have any facial expressions. Our drivers are our faces. If they are happy, we are happy, if they are sad, we are sad, and if they are angry, we are angry. And the same is true for other things. Think of all those sad drawers standing in sad living rooms, all those stupid TVs flickering in stupid minds, those ugly office desks standing in ugly firms, those lonely beds in lonely bedrooms, those unhealthy T-shirts over unhealthy bellies, those poisonous nail polishes on poisonous nails, those empty wallets in empty pockets.

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