Made it out West!

I finally made it out West! Even though not on my own. Duane, the mechanic from Langley BC, towed me from Calgary to BC. It was quite the drive through the imposing Rockies, and as I was not doing any of the driving myself I could do some nice sightseeing. Can also be fun once in a while to just be a passenger 🙂

But I really cant wait to be mobile again, to have my heart thrumming & my wheels spinning. Currently I am being operated at Duane’s garage. If everything goes well I could be on the road again very soon. Cross fingers for me, will you? 🙂


The good in the bad

So, so, so. I am very sorry for my long silence. But now, finally, I feel well enough to write again.

I have been very sick at heart. And I still am. But there is hope for betterment. They finally found a new transplant heart for me. Because my old one is dead. Or at least damaged beyond reasonable repair. My old heart overheated so much that the plastic of a tube of the cooling water circuit actually melted. My mechanics said they had never seen something like this. No one can really explain what happened or what caused my deadly injury. Just 60 km outside of Calgary, after I had just crossed 300,000 km and boasted that I could do another 200,000, my temperature suddenly rose beyond healthy limits. And after my drivers stopped because they saw that my temperature wouldn’t go down anymore, my heart basically exploded, it evaporated. My engine went up in a cloud of steam. But at this point it was already too late. My folks didn’t know it yet; they still optimistically clung to the hope that it was simply a small coolant leak. But I already knew that this was much more serious.

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