Day 4 – Navy Pier, Chicago

Navy Pier in Chicago. Somehow, through dense Saturday afternoon traffic, without map & without any clue about the layout of this city, somehow we end up at Navy Pier. In the most expensive car park I have ever been. Navy Pier is full of people. Hundreds of people who go out for some Saturday afternoon entertainment to the Ferris Wheel or to watch the circus performance, to take a boat tour on the lake, and especially, it seems, to eat fast food. Navy Pier is full of overweight people. Seeing all these young boys & girls with big soda cans, fries & burgers in hands makes me sad. I would not want to feed any of the food available here to my child if I was a human.

I have also seen my fellow cars become fatter. Some of the big trucks that are on the streets today can easily be called obese. Obese & addicted to gasoline, needing ever larger amounts of this liquid fuel.

We just drove through the Freeborn County. Why do you free people let the hunger of your bodies & of your cars be dictated by fast food & oil companies? Why do you let yourselves be jerked around by these corporations who only want to create a market for their products? For me real freedom is to be self-determined & as independent as possible. The less you need, the freer you are.


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